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  Invitation "award SIA" edition 2020
 "Real Estate Opportunity" REOsmart 2019

"Design and Circle Economy" RED 2018

e-Health "housing typologys 3E" 2017
 "Territory and Circle Economy" PAV 2016

ViCUs "Urban solutions and Virtual Commerce" 2015

 "The longest ice rink in the world" SPAP 2014

John Jacob Astor Competition “Expo Real” Münschen (D) 2013
Health & Spa award “European SPA Event” Wien (A) 2013
Learning Edge award "W.W.A." Florida (USA) 2013
Brand "12Hotel“ - The Seasonal Experience 2012
 "Rent Investment Solutions" RIS 2011

5 International awards since 2010

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Design Division
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